MANGOTIME Toilet Brush and Holder Set, Toilet Bowl Brush for Bathroom RV Toilet Under Rim Compact Wall Mounted Toilet Brush with Holder Silicone Brush Absorbent Diatomite Mat Blue


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toilet brushtoilet brush

silicone toilet brushsilicone toilet brush

As is known to all, it’s important and necessary to clean the toilet regularly to ensure it works well and is clean to use. At this time, a good toilet brush will take vital role in cleaning the toilet. MANGOTIME Upgraded Toilet Brush and Holder can not only help you clean every hard-to-reach area of toilet with ease, it’s also a good decor to your bathroom due to its stylish outlook and attractive color. The newest absorbent diatomite mat is especially designed for you to solve the water accumulation and leakage problems which have confused you for a long time. It will maintain your bathroom clean and tidy.

Choose MANGOTIME Toilet Brush Holder Set and Live a Healthy Lifestyle!

toilet bowl brushtoilet bowl brush

toilet brush and holdertoilet brush and holder


Premium and sturdy. Won’t lose shape, fall apart, fray or turn yellow after repeated and vigorous use.Soft and flexible. Flexible enough to reach to all tight areas, thoroughly clean the toilet.Easy to rinse. Larger bristles make it not easy to entangle hair. No hair-tangling trouble.


After a series survey, we find that one of the biggest problem we may encounter during using the toilet brush and holder is water accumulation and leakage issue. Through professional test and research, we finally come out a solution to solve the problem.

Due to such characteristics as porosity and high surface area, diatomite is highly absorbent, which absorbs and dries up the drip water from the brush. With MANGOTIME toilet brush, no more water accumulation and leakage as well as odor issue!

No water accumulation

No water leakage

No unpleasant odor

toilet brush and holdertoilet brush and holder


You can hang the holder on the wall by the strong stickiness sticker. No need to drill on the wall. Won’t take up too much spaces in your bathroom.

Warm Tips:

Please use the sticker on a smooth surface like ceramic tiles, glass, etc. Use dry cloth to wipe the surface to keep it dry and clean before apply the sticker.Press the sticker on the wall hard to squeeze excess air to ensure it sticks well.

toilet brush with holdertoilet brush with holder

toilet scrubbertoilet scrubber

toilet scrub brushtoilet scrub brush


The extended stainless steel handle is durable. 27cm long hand keeps your hands away from the toilet and keeps your hands clean.


The removable water drawer makes it easy to deal with the excess water and clean the bottom to prevent odor and water leakage.


There is a hidden tweezer on the top of the handle. Just pull it out and use it to remove the hair and residues on the floor or sink with ease.

bathroom toilet brushbathroom toilet brush

INNOVATIVE ABSORBENT DIATOMITE MAT – In order to solve the long -term confusing water accumulation and leakage problems, we specially add the newest diatomite mat at the water drawer. Our bonus diatom pad is made from pure diatomite material which widely applied in house decoration, its macropore properties result to highly water absorbent, volatile and dry quickly, no more unpleasant odor. Ventilated and removable water drawer makes toilet bowl brush dry up quickly and easy to clean.
EFFICIENT CLEANING SILICONE BRUSH – The bristle of the toilet brush is made of flexible and sturdy TPR, which can not only thoroughly clean under the rim of the toilet seat and other hard-to-reach places, but also easily and effectively scrub the tough stains from all tight areas without scratching the glaze. Unlike the plastic bristles, it’s easy to rinse, no hair-tangling, and won’t wear out even after frequent and vigorous use. Superb quality extends the life of the toilet brush with holder.
WALL MOUNTED DESIGN, SAVE SPACE FOR YOU – The toilet brush holder comes with a holder to store the toilet bowl brush when not in use. The holder can be hung on the wall by the strong stickiness sticker without drilling on the wall. Its compact size allows it to fit well in the narrow space. You can place the toilet brush and holder on the wall or floor as you like. Warm Tips: Please use the sticker on smooth surface and wipe the surface to keep clean and dry before using the sticker.
DURABLE AND ERGONOMIC EXTENDED HANDLE – The ergonomic handle provides a comfortable and strong grip so you can clean every difficulty area easily. The stainless steel handle of toilet bowl brush is rustless and durable so as to withstand vigorous use and not rust or bend. The handle is long up to 27cm, long enough to keep your hands away from the toilet and clean. The hidden tweezer on the top of handle helps you remove hair and residue of the sink with ease.
PERFECT TOILET BRUSH AND HOLDE FOR BATHROOM – In addition to its excellent quality and powerful cleaning effect, the toilet brush also has a stylish outlook and attractive unique color. The toilet brush can not only become a useful tool to clean the toilet, but also a good decoration to your bathroom. This toilet brush and holder is a must add-on to your bathroom to maintain cleanliness and neat. Package included: 1 toilet brush, 1 holder, 1 diotomite mat, 1 tweezer, 1 sticker., $11.99, [price_with_discount]



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